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Finding a Group to Play Dungeons and Dragons With

May 5th, 2021

If you’re looking to play Dungeons and Dragons or any other pen and paper style game, you have two options to consider. You need to decide if you want to play a face to face game with a live group that meets weekly or if you want to play in an online game that meets weekly and uses a Virtual Game Table like OpenRPG or Maptool to facilitate play.

If a real live face to face game is what you want, I’d have to recommend either The Obsidian Portal or Pen and Paper Games. Just Google either of them and their sites will pop right up. These sites have a great system setup for gamers to meet locally.

Personally, I prefer to play with a live group using a Virtual Game Table that allows us to roll dice, load maps, manipulate miniatures, and store character sheets. Playing D&D online this way allows folk that may be separated by an entire planet’s width to hook up and play in real time. It’s great for old groups that may have drifted apart or even for family guys and gals to play without leaving the house.

If the online way is more your cup of tea, you can Google the phrase, “How to Play Dungeons and Dragons Online”. If you skip the results for the MMORPG called DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online), you’ll come across a few great communities not to far down the page. One of them was even founded by yours truly… hence my expertise n the subject matter. The site is a community of gamers that love to play Dungeons and Dragons Online in addition to many other pen and paper roleplaying games.

That particular site was founded about 8 years ago when I decided I wanted to play D&D Online using a Virtual Gametable. There are also many similar sites so if you can’t find a game currently recruiting on one site, check out a few of the others. It just takes a little patience. It will pay off though, Traditional style games don’t cater to the “I want to play right now” mentality. You’re likely looking at a day or three to find a game that fits your schedule and another week after joining for the game to actually start. After that the games usually run once a week for about 4 hours per session. You must be willing to make that commitment if you decide to play online.

So, that’s about all you need to know to get yourself started playing Dungeons and Dragons with a group. All you need to do is decide if you want to play face to face or if you’d rather play online using a Virtual Game Table. Then check out one of the sites that caters to getting players and gamemasters together. You’ll be getting your game on in no time and slaying dragons with your Vorpal Sword while pocketing fat stacks of gold in your Bag of Holding.

Pen and Paper RPGs are great fun for all ages and at any given time there are players young and old all getting together daily to play in real online roleplaying campaigns.

Hopefully this article will help guide you in your search for getting into a good game of Dungeons and Dragons. If you’ve always wanted to play but could never find a group to play with, well, now you have no excuses left! Get out there and strap yer sword on!